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Sam Rockwell Taking Over For Christian Bale

For those of you who havent, youre a delight! Superstars Sam Rockwell (Choke) and Justin Long (waiting) for this hilarious don tights look at what a terrible man-wing would be Batman.. Hey, guys! Im sure many of you have already seen this little gem from those wacky kids in Red-Headed League.
14.1.09 11:38

Ryan Phillippe Quot Franklyn Loves Masks Hates Religion

A new trailer for the parallel world saga Franklyn is out, giving us an insight into the uber-religious future in which everyone is forced to profess a kind of spirituality, even if only to worship donkeys.
14.1.09 11:38

Kim Kardashian Throws Shoes For Charity

Held at the Rancho Park Golf Course, the event was organized by Dubai.TV host Janeen Mansour to benefit Salvation Army.No other non-profit organization is the range of social services to help the needy, such as the Salvation Army, said Mansour.. Kim Kardashian was among the stars for the first time Celebrity Shoe Throwing event to Los Angeles on Saturday.
14.1.09 11:38

Cinema Takings Hit Record High Thanks To Mamma Mia And Recession

Despite the success of British Mamma Mia! The film was not in the top five worldwide, unlike The Dark Knight.. The box office figures are compiled by Nielsen EDI, on behalf of the UKFC, which will release the information, including the number of spectators.
14.1.09 11:38

Geri Halliwell To Open Dubai Nightclub With Alleged New Beau

Washington, January 12 (ANI): Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is reported to the planning team with her new boyfriend to open a nightclub in Dubai. Rumors are abuzz that the singer is dating nightclub entrepreneur Nick House, who owns the exclusive London venues and Mahiki Whiskey Mist. It reported Halliwell wants to work with him to build an exclusive superclubs of the city frequented by the rich and famous..
14.1.09 11:38

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